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Internal Audit Officer


  • Carry out an audit according to the annual work plan. to be in accordance with the standards set by the company.
  • Follow up on the work processes of various departments to be systematically correct according to the specified operational standards.
  • Follow up on problems that arise in the work process of each unit. along with suggestions Guidelines for improving work processes to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Prepare a report summarizing the audit results of each unit according to the annual internal audit plan. along with suggestions and guidelines for improving the development of work processes to be systematic and operational standards.
  • Provide advice and suggest ways to solve problems in each department in a systematic way. and in accordance with the company’s policy.
  • Follow up on the improvement of work processes of each unit and prepare a summary report.
  • Other tasks as assigned by the supervisor.


1. Male-Female (Age 22) *Fresh graduates are welcomed*
2. Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.
3.Ability to think, analyze and solve problems systematically.
4.Good communication and coordination skills.
5. Able to use Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) as well.
6. If the experience of internship in auditing will be an advantage.